We provide biodiesel and supply a variety of
dispensing units for your convenience.


Type of BiodieselDescription
B5Blend 5% biodiesel & 95% regular forecourt diesel
B20Blend 20% biodiesel & 80% regular forecourt diesel

Fuel Equipment

System 12V
Basic model no flow meter, no nozzle, pipe only.
System 12V
Including battery and charger.
System 12V
With flow meter & nozzle.
Including a battery and charger.
System 220V
With flow meter & nozzle.

Please note that we endeavour to provide you with the most competitive pricing for our fuel solution and undertake to peg the savings on the diesel component of our fuel in-line with National Government pricing fluctuations. Rates are however subject to change. New rates are applicable on the first Wednesday of the month in line with Government regulations.

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The PAIA and POPI Acts are available online at
The Company’s POPIA Policy and Section 51 PAIA Manual are available at the offices and requests can be made to Kulu Bio-fuels.