Be a part of the solution in rebuilding our economy by selling us your UCO, stimulating the green economy in South Africa, creating jobs, and positively impacting the environment while saving you money!

Since biodiesel is a renewable and cleanburning fuel, it reduces a business’s carbon footprint.

Kulu Biofuels manufactures biodiesel inhouse from the Used Cooking Oil (UCO) we collect. This allows us to offer our partners a unique, closed-loop solution. We are creating jobs through stimulating the local biofuels market – sell your UCO to us – to prevent it from being exported and losing value for our local market.

Through our “Eco-conscious” initiative, we can guarantee our partners with an environmentally sustainable use for UCO and a Green Energy alternative for diesel dependent operations.

Kulu Biofuels is focused on quality. We match our UCO purchase price to your UCO quality. With a 500ml sample, we will run laboratory tests to give you the price that you deserve.

Our advanced biodiesel manufacturing process endeavours to meet international quality standards, and the local SANS Specifications.

Contact us for more information.

Pieter van Heiningen

021 555 4184
pieter@sustnet.com | sales@sustnet.com

The PAIA and POPI Acts are available online at www.gov.za/documents/acts
The Company’s POPIA Policy and Section 51 PAIA Manual are available at the offices and requests can be made to Kulu Bio-fuels.